A afternoon gone fishing

This works out perfectly as I will be returning current home from our fishing trip tomorrow

One of our number one athletic interests to pass the time is fishing. I appreciate everything there is to appreciate about fishing. In fact I recognize the journey to get to the lake is more fun than the fishing itself. Every weekend I pack up our car with all the gear I will need, but fishing rods, baits, bags, fishing licence etc.This Winter time I planned to deliver ice fishing a try. Fishing was a nice escape to reality, but currently I have been having trouble with our condo & fishing will help to take our mind off of it. The complication is with our a/c! Only many months ago I bought a multi break a/c unit from a acquaintance of mine who works for a heating & cooling company & alway had Heating & A/C parts in supply. The complication is I got a lemon. After only many months of owning a brand current a/c unit it completely stops working, then luckily since I had just bought it, it was still under warranty; My acquaintance apologized & explained that it happens on occasion & that it undoubtedly has a manufacturing defect. She already ordered myself and others a current 1 of the same kind, & it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. This works out perfectly as I will be returning current home from our fishing trip tomorrow. My acquaintance offered to detach the defective a/c & install the current 1 for free because of our bad experience. I shifted our thoughts away from our cooling system & back to the cool waters of the lake. I had come out here to relax & that was exactly what I intended to do as I cast our line far out into the water & sat patiently waiting.

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