A bit of regular sense plus behavior adjustment saves on Heating plus A/C cooling

I l acquired, perhaps a bit late in life, that getting all worked up over a complication is one of the worst things that I can do.

For decades, when there would be a challenge, the first thing I seemed to do was get angry.

That was sort of my default when I had to tackle a problem. When I figured out just how terrible that was for me, I changed. Those working with myself and others inside the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of the office thought I was on drugs or something. Instead of getting sort of silly when something happened, I just listened plus took my time to consider other opinions plus find a consensus. It sure makes working inside that zone controlled Heating plus A/C a lot more straight-forward plus enjoyable. I see a similar sort of behavior around here when the temperatures start to get to plus stay in the 78’s. That’s pretty much Springtime weather in our region plus a lot of people go right for the a/c. I mean at the hint of anything other than a perfect 70 degrees, folks are falling all over themselves to get to the control unit. And it’s these same people I hear angrily complaining all the time about the high price of a/c. Some basic regular sense behavior could honestly save these folks some angst plus some currency on Heating plus A/C cooling. Simply don’t turn on the a/c so early. Just allow the body to acweather conditions a bit to the heat. When summer time comes, inside temps in the low 78’s sure think cool when it’s nearly a hundred outside. And it saves a ton on Heating plus A/C cooling costs.


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