A bunch of guys who don’t seem to care about their HVAC system

I was invited over to a new friend’s house the other day.

Everybody was basically just hanging out playing some video games.

It really wasn’t my thing to just play video games but I was just hanging out regardless and got myself a drink. After awhile, I kept hearing this crazy noise. When I asked what the noise was, they said it was the air conditioning system. When I asked if they were going to do something about it, they said they didn’t have enough money to get it fixed. It was really bothering me and I also realized the air quality wasn’t so great in the house. I was saying that somebody should probably call the HVAC company to get that taken care of. They asked if I had any money to fix it, and when I said no, they said not to worry about it. I told them that the problem would only get worse and eventually it would be a lot more expensive to fix. Evidently, I was getting on their nerves so they wanted me to just leave. I was alright with that, at least I was going back home to an air conditioning system that was working properly. That’s because I actually care about taking care of my HVAC system with regular maintenance and upkeep. While half of those guys probably didn’t even have jobs, I make my living with a relatively good job. The guy that invited me to the house was just a guy I met at some party who seemed alright at the time, but now I know I won’t be hanging out with those guys anymore.


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