A ductless HVAC device just for our parents!

Visiting our retired parents means a hearty meal full of laughter, in addition to in return, I get to do all the service jobs that our old father might have missed, but last year I visited them after more than five or six months.

  • I was absolutely working hard across the border, in addition to I could not see them sooner.

After breakfast, our mother said that they planned to replace that old dial thermostat with a digital thermostat… My father had insisted on this a while back, but our mother said that there was no need to return something still absolutely working. When I inquired if they were new with the HVAC tune-up, they told myself and others they had not bothered with it since they wanted to replace the old gas furnace. I was even more impressed when I found out that they wished for a ductless HVAC unit. It was a welcome change seeing them embrace technology, especially our mother, who was the most resistant to change. I gave to go with them to finalize the details with the HVAC specialist, but when they said the HVAC company they were consulting with, I got anxious. I only knew them as a commercial HVAC provider who dealt with commercial HVAC for sale. My problems eased when they told myself and others that they have also run a house comfort company that handles residential quality HVAC equipment. I could not wait to learn about the new HVAC systems in the marketplace; Since our parents already knew the type of plan they wanted, the professional did not spend time explaining the other heating products that help with indoor comfort levels. The installation was more straightforward since it did not involve any ductwork, took place in a single day, in addition to I was lucky to see it all.


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