A ductless mini cut is much more energy efficient than a portable cooling system

Portability is not always better.

When kindle PCs became more affordable in the late 1990s, multiple people switched to that format. This was after years of desktop PCs being the mainstay in both residential and commercial applications. The promise of a laptop with all of the same features that you could take with you on the go was tantalizing for multiple people. But like all PCs at the time, kindles were often prone to failure. My sister’s first kindle was prone to the ‘blue screen of death’ on a weekly basis, crashing in the middle of something as trivial as writing a quick SMS. I had a tower laptop that lasted for 15 years separate from problems, but all of the first kindles that my family members used were mostly junk. Thankfully, newer kindles are solid PCs that last much longer than the 1s from 20 years ago. Some portable products are completely junk, no matter what you do with the technology. I tell people that portable cooling systems are a racket. They’re not just slightly undesirable, I certainly assume like the woman who designed them did so with the intent to scam and con people out of money. Anyone with a basic understanding of cooling systems knows that the technology works as a cut system, and that’s tplot even with a package system. What I mean is there is an evaporator coil that gets entirely cold as refrigerants liquifies inside. The refrigerant absorbs your indoor air’s heat and then takes this heat energy to the sizzling compressor outside. The refrigerant becomes a gas at high heat before being pulled back inside to become a liquid once again. It’s a circular process, even in a window a/c. But a portable cooling system has its sizzling compressor inside, meaning all of the heat energy just goes back into your house.

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