A ductless mini split in the house

The two of us honestly knew that our parents were experiencing failing house. The two of us wanted to do something, before there was nothing left of the place. The two of us would inherit the barns, land, Plus 8 to 10 sheds. The two of us would also be receiving a house plus 200 Acres of Old Fields. Unfortunately, once the two of us moved away + went to college, our parents stopped taking care of the land plus producing crops. The two of us honestly knew that there was multiple dollars to be made on the land, plus the two of us decided to move back to one of the mobile sheds. The two of us lived in the mobile shed, while the two of us fix up the house. Our parents were still living there during the last couple of years, but the two of us honestly felt better about being there to care for them. We upgraded the heat pump, ventilation, plus A/C machine right away, plus that honestly seem to help with my parents health a bit. The two of us spent multiple years getting the whole Farm ready, before our parents passed away + gave us everything. The two of us were happy to move into the house, and experience the new heat pump, ventilation, plus A/C machine. The two of us had been staying in that mobile shed for a long time, with nothing more than a portable A/C machine Plus kerosene heater. It was sad to see the old folks go at that point.