A fantastic hotel

My partner and I are people who love to travel.  I know that we have been in every state at least once, and we have visited all of the national parks.  Last month we planned on going to the redwood national park for the third time. It was a 2000 mile journey and we were excited.  We planned on traveling about five hundred miles a day. The first day, we were so excited and having so much fun, that we didn’t realize how far we gone, or how late it was.  When we pulled over for gas, it was nearly 4AM. We pulled into the rest area and took a nap, but we were up by 8AM and back on the road. We travelled nearly five hundred the next day and we knew we had to get some real sleep.  We began to look for hotels that were clean and comfortable. We were grateful to have Google search on our phone. Since we didn’t have reservations, it was easy to contact the hotels and check on their cleanliness and they availability.  We go to the hotel and we had three things in mind. We wanted to be able to get some good food. We wanted showers and a clean bed. We also wanted to have good air conditioning. While I ordered food, my partner turned on the air conditioning.  Even before the food arrived, it was getting chilly in the room. We thought we may have to turn the AC off, but we went to bed and had such a wonderful night of sleep. Because of the AC, we had a refreshing sleep and woke up wide awake and ready to travel.

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