A financial plan for HVAC

There are things that make me glad to move. There are things that make me sad to move. I have so much going on and running through my head while in a move. I try to budget best I can for a move, but when it comes down to it, you never can guess what the utilities are going to cost in the end. When you move furniture in and out, the air is being let out the door. Whether it is heating or cooling, the air is wasted with the door open. My family frequently has to open the windows to get odd shaped items out as well. The windows open let out the a/c and heating too. But, what are we supposed to do? You can’t constantly keep the doors and windows closed. You also can’t do a big move without any HVAC. No AC in the Summer while moving would be horrible. You get sweaty, tired and the air conditioning is the only relief. Not having the AC when you walk inside would be horrible. I don’t know if I could last through a move without any cooling. In the Winter, no heating would be just terrible. Our area gets feet of snow and ice. With no heating, our hands would freeze. The snow frequently gets in my clothes. No having any heating to melt it and unfreeze me would be terrible. That is why my utility bills end up so high though. I refuse to go that last day without any HVAC control. It is worth the extra money to have a little bit of HVAC in the end. At least for that horrible day, I am in perfect climate control.