A flirtation with the lifeguard, wondering how she worked separate from air conditioning system

When I was younger, I always loved going to the pool a lot because the lifeguard was so gorgeous, however it would be a blazing moderate day & I would wonder how the lifeguard could deal with the weather separate from having a cooling system, despite the fact that she made it toil with all the suntan lotion she would use. If I were a lifeguard, I guess I would like to be laboring at an indoor pool with the perfect temperature control settings; That way you wouldn’t truly have to worry about sunburns or anything like that. I guess she loved laboring out there in the sun though because she kept laboring there every summer time for as long as I can remember. I really worked up the courage to talk to her a few times, but our conversation was incredibly lame. I just asked her how she managed to keep doing the task separate from a official cooling plan to keep her comfortable, she laughed & said she loved laboring in the sun & she had her umbrella to give her with shade. I was just ecstatic to be able to talk to her, even though all I could guess of to say was how she should have access to the air conditioning system when she was laboring; We were never respectfully friends or anything, but I would always wave at her & she would smile & wave back. I felt like I was in like with that charming lifeguard, but there was never truly anything there. I always felt comfortable though just being there at the swimming pool while she was laboring.


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