A freezing church

We had been planning this special occasion for months, our wedding day. My wife and I looking back on it easily laugh about the issue we encountered. We had a lovely church where we were married and it seemed that everything was going to be perfect. The rehearsal went just fine and I felt like absolutely nothing could go wrong. Well, I was definitely wrong about that because the day of our wedding, the HVAC system failed to work. Everybody was really freaking out especially my wife. It was my mission to make sure that HVAC system was working by the time we got married. I contacted a few different HVAC companies to take care of the issue. I felt like I had a good chance of having everything taken care of in a promptly fashion this way. If one HVAC technician was late or couldn’t make it on time, the other HVAC technician probably would make it there. Well, I had two HVAC technicians arrive from two different HVAC companies, and they both decided to work together to knock out the problem faster. They understood the pressing situation and how we only had a short amount of time to get the heating system working in the church. When we were nearing the hour of the wedding, the HVAC technicians finally got everything going again. They said it was a little bit challenging to take care of everything in such a short amount of time, but since I had two technicians there, they were able to manage it. I was glad that I did that and it saved our wedding! Everybody was so relieved when the heat cranked on in the freezing church.

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