A freezing festive holiday – opening windows for smoke

Every year my mother insist on having Christmas at his house… I’m not sure why he wants this so desperately, because every year as the holiday hastily arrives he regularly begins to freak out and have a entirely exhausting time.

I can basically predict to that a month before Christmas he will be calling me and freaking out about how unfinished everything is, however the holiday will suddenly dawn on her, and he will realize that he has a lot of work left to do before the lake house is ready for all the kids to come by.

Generally, he also chooses this time to begin panicking about food, then she’ll run out to the store and buy way too several groceries to feed everybody, and furthermore, he often forgets to buy all the ingredients for his recipes. This is how the two of us wound up with a freezing freezing lake house filled with smoke instead of food last year! On Christmas Eve, my mom suddenly got entirely tied up out with all of his cooking. She had about 10 odd dishes going at once, and the heat in the home office was outrageous. Then, he ran out to the store for “one final thing.” Soon. there was burning hot smoke billowing out of the oven, off the stove top, and out of the toaster oven. The two of us were desperately trying to clear the air, however the measly ventilation fan located over his stove was not adequately filtering the smoke. Eventually, our eyes were burning so thoroughly that the two of us started opening the windows and doors outside. Now, the two of us had a current problem as the freezing air came streaming into the house. That Christmas was harshly freezing and full of stress, however at least the two of us had a fantastic laugh when the two of us sat down to our charred dinner.

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