A general contractor built our custom bookshelves

Books are a gateway to endless current adventures, but they are a precious as well as dying artform.

Since the invention of the web, digital books are taking over, while paper is slowly starting to fade away.

I have typically appreciated studying books. When I was a kid, I appreciated reading about warriors, dragons, wizards, as well as witches. As an adult. I love to read about the news, environment, politics as well as pop culture. Of course, I still love a great mystery as well as all of the Harry Potter books. I opened a tiny library a few years ago, as well as I am right down the street from a small bakery. I suppose that the bakery is one of the largest reasons why the book store does so well. I allow people to come hang out in the library as well as read even if they aren’t going to buy any books. I do not mind if the library is more similar to a Barnes as well as Noble. Late last year, I had a general contractor build custom bookshelves for all of the precious books. All the precious books are located in the back of the store. The current bookshelves look amazing as well as they legitimately accentuate the precious collection. I gave the general contractor a few ideas and concepts as well as she legitimately came up with the whole concept, but she hand carved all of the notches in the top of the shelves as well as they include the initials for the library. The shelves are the focal point for the entire store as well as I;m so satisfied that the general contractor understood my unique vision. I interviewed multiple contractors before I found the right woman to complete this task.


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