A good old air quality seminar

Each plus every year on this earth, HVAC servicemen in this company are required to attend a local seminar to teach us about new technology in the industry, and I can say that for the past many years, I have attended the HVAC technology seminar quite happily.

  • It is usually held downtown in a commercial hotel banquet room, so it’s easy to attend.

Every one of us are forced to commute to the worse place in the worst traffic! Right now, I usually drive to my work, but during the month of the seminar, a good number of my co-workers plus I are forced to drive hours to the HVAC technology party. I was genuinely happy to find out that in fact this year’s conference is going to be held at a mountain retreat that is actually located 3 hours south of here. As such, we have to stay there and I’m blissful we will not have to drive that distance every single day. My co-workers plus I will be treated to a few days away from labor with all of our expenses paid. Every one of us get a nice hotel room for the 5-day stay plus per diem expenses each day. I’m entirely looking forward to the HVAC technology seminar. I definitely haven’t had a month away from labor in a long time. Even though this year I will be forced to listen to a lot of unusual HVAC guest speakers talking about viruses, most of the evening will be all mine. There are a few cool microbreweries in the area plus there is also a fairly crucial national vehicle museum in the town. It seems there are lots of activities in the area, plus I will not have to labor on anything difficult.

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