A good smart thermostat

My nextdoor neighbor Darren typically has to have the sleekest as well as newest technology of every imaginable product that he gets his hands on.  Everytime a new model of his particular smart cellphone is released the following year, he buys the new one without a second thought, regardless of the pristine condition that his old cell phones tend to be in when he gets all of the new ones.  He has recently become obsessed with new smart devices, particularly the house control connects that sync with your stereo or your online shopping cart simultaneously, with audible voice controls. He truly loves being able to sit in bed in the afternoon as well as loudly ask the device the temperature outside as well as a number of other pieces of useless information before he gets out of bed to go to work.  But perhaps the most interesting device of all is his new smart temperature control for his central air conditioner. It syncs with his smartphone as well as tablet as well as has things love automatic cooling cycles based on outdoor climate information it picks up as well as indoor occupancy levels as well as foot traffic inside. He says that he can control his heat from work as well as get his house piping hot before he gets back every night.  He is also saving cash every month now that he is letting the device detect it’s very own cooling cycles as well as turn the system on as well as off accordingly. I may look into getting a smart temperature control once I get my Heating as well as A/C system patched up once again. But I need to get the seals in my ductwork fixed before I suppose of anything extra like a smart temperature control. It absolutely wouldn’t hurt to get a new air handler soon too, since mine is creeping up towards the 15-year mark.  

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