A green cooling system

Today the lot of us had a class at an outdoor recreational center… My boys have all kinds of extracurricular classes that involve animals & the environment because they wish to be environmentalists when they get older. My oldest is planning on going to school to become an environmentalist & they really get impassioned when it comes to protecting animals & the environment. Well, today, when the group of us got to the recreational center, the group of us opted to go inside the main building & my oldest instantly went on the defensive! The temperature outside today is really tepid even though it’s been cooling off a lot lately. When the group of us got to the building itself, the huge commercial A/C component that is installed up on the roof was running hard. The interior air quality of the building was pretty wonderful but you could tell that the temperature control component was set at a really low temperature. My kid starting saying that an environmental center shouldn’t be using that much A/C because A/C can be terrible for the environment. He said that it just takes too much electricity & that the A/C bills for the stadium must be entirely through the roof. But a single one of the workers at the recreational center overheard him voicing his worries & he assured him that the environmental center was built using a bunch of energy savings tips & that their A/C appliance was top rated for saving currency & energy & for being superb for both cooling the building & for the environment as well. I believe A/C isn’t consistently bad for the environment.

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