A group work out program

I want to work out and get in shape.

The issue is that I just don’t know what to do. Anytime you see someone work out, they are running. I am sort of dumb when it comes to running. I always suffer from side pain due to breathing stupid. I never cover any distance plus I am super slow. I run about 15 minute miles plus that is just sad. I also hate running with a serious passion! Because I don’t know what else to do besides the 1 thing I dislike, I don’t work out. A neighbor of mine suggested that I try a workout regime with her. There is a core progression near myself and others that offers group fitness classes. You don’t need to jog or hop from component to machine. A licensed fitness expert runs the class totally plus doesn’t leave you to your own devices. My neighbor plus I both decided to do the class together. Wow, doing a work out class is so much different than working out on your own. I like having no responsibility. I just show up to get in shape plus be active. The personal trainer is fantastic at motivating the group of us. All of us mostly do total group exercises like push ups, squats and weightlifting. Occasionally all of us will partner up to toss a weighted pole around. I appreciate using the different equipment. The trainer is also absolutely sweet about telling us what muscles all of us are highlighting with different exercises.