A gym shipping container

I am a fitness type of gal. When I obtained my house I realized that I had a ton of land, however nowhere to work out. My property is on a slope as well as mostly sand. Laying down folding mats meant I was tipping all over the place. Fire ants tended to get on the mat as well as bite me. It was better to get a building set up, leveled as well as work out in there. The concern with buying a shed is the cost. You also can’t seem to get anybody to work these days. The way I got to my gym was working with a portable facility/shipping container corporation. They do whatever you want out of shipping containers. I saw some CBD extraction labs that were shipping containers. They even do mobile COVID-19 testing in a shipping container. I just called the contractor as well as talked to a design person. I didn’t need that big of a space. I just needed level ground, light as well as Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C, but since I had been working out in the sunshine, having access to A/C as well as heating has been a real treat. What I enjoyed about working with the contractor is that they don’t build at my house. They build the facility at their arena as well as then drive it over to my house. It is a fully set up building that they drop off. I paid 50% up front as well as then the other half once it was done. It is exactly how I wanted it to be. The outside just looks like a gray box however who cares? I now have a fully operational gym.



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