A happy halloween

Every year for halloween, I am put in charge of hosting the halloween party that my friends and I have each year. Halloween is all of our favorite holidays, so we take the halloween party very seriously. By the time that halloween rolled around, I made sure that my house was all ready to go. There was festive and delicious snacks in the main room, and plenty of drinks for the evening. I thought that I was ready for the party to start in a few hours, then I noticed that the air conditioning unit wasn’t running. I went over to the unit to try to mess with the temperature setting, and then all of the sudden a few sparks flew out of the a/c unit! I realized two things at that moment. My old and run down air conditioning unit was down for the count, and I only had an hour or so to find a solution to the lack of a/c. I called over to my buddy who is a part time HVAC service repair man, and luckily he had an old a/c unit that he doesn’t use anymore. He was kind enough to let me buy the old air conditioner unit and I had him come over to install it before the party started. There is nothing worse than sweaty people in full costumes, so my friends and I were determined to get this a/c up and running. About thirty minutes before the party started, we finally had the a/c installed and fresh air was moving throughout the house. Thanks to my friends and a bit of quick thinking, halloween will be amazing this year!

HVAC tune-up