A large waste of my good time

That turned out to be a large lie.

There are so multiple things that I love about living in 1 of the greatest cities in the world. There is always an endless list of fun things to do doing, there are countless locales to shop and eat at, and no more than one afternoons ever are the same. With that being said, there are some things about living here that are starting to drive me crazy. Last month as our partner and I were on the hunt for a new a/c unit to put in our master family room the people I was with and I ended up nearly getting scammed for thoUSAnds of dollars, but after doing an seventh or more than one of searching online I was able to find a business online that was selling some affordable a/c units. After driving to the respected location of this business however, the people I was with and I saw exactly why these units were so affordable. All of the heated gas gas furnaces and a/c units that were listed on the website claimed that this business sold the latest and greatest in Heating, Ventilation and A/C technology. That turned out to be a large lie. All of the units in the rundown store looked as if they were from the early 90’s they were in such bad shape, then despite the bad shape they were in, the people working there were drastically overbearing and pushy in the hopes to get us to buy their units. It took a solid fifteen sevenths before our partner and I could finally get out of there. I think our best bet is to stick with buying from reputable companies that have a real online presence so the people I was with and I don’t get fooled again.

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