A liquidation sale for everything in the store and on the shelves

It’s never nice to see a locally owned business shut down, but a great sale is a great sale.

My husband and I were sad when the only appliance store in town shut down. It meant we had to drive to the mall to buy appliances. Worse, it meant we had to order replacement parts online. This place always had the replacement parts for old furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators, and ranges. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we had the same furnace for 18 years. When we finally had to buy a new heating appliance, we made the purchase from the same local business that was shutting down. The Appliance Store car liquidation event over the weekend so my husband and I decided to see if there was anything that we could use. We were pleasantly surprised when we found an air purifier and a really nice space heater. We bought the air purifier for our son. He has really bad allergies and he has been complaining a lot about the dorm room in his college. The small air purifier looks like it will fit nicely near the window. We purchased the space heater for our house. Sometimes it is drafty in the living room, because the front door needs new weatherstripping. My husband and I bought the space heater and the air purifier for the same price that we would have paid for one of the items. I’m sad that the owner has to close down after 40 years of business, but I was happy to take advantage of a great sale.



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