A little girl tried to change my thermostat settings

I can’t take it when people are disrespectful, especially children.

If there’s a kid that talks back to their parents, I feel that I should be smacking their parents in the face! There seriously is no reason for a kid to act his way, it’s undoubtedly uncalled for.

Recently, I had some parents with their youngsters come over to my home for my son’s birthday, and given, they were my son’s friends from class mostly. When I noticed how some of these youngsters were acting, it made my skin boil. The thing that undoubtedly pissed me off the most was when a kid went to the temperature control, MY THERMOSTAT, and attempted to adjust the temperature control settings! I couldn’t believe it! When I asked her what she thought she was doing, she said it was too warm inside my house. I had my temperature control set to 69 degrees as normal, and it’s a smart temperature control also. If you begin decreasing the temperature control settings, the smart temperature control will those are the modern settings you prefer and it’ll revert back to those settings. I realize that may sound a bit strange to people who don’t have a smart temperature control of their own, but that’s not my problem. I was so angry but I had to hold my temper back because I didn’t want to ruin my son’s birthday party. I told the kid to please never mess with my temperature control again, and I also mentioned to her parents what she did. They seemed to think it was no big deal. What is wrong with parents nowadays?


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