A low cost weight loss method

My best buddy is in his 73’s! Yes, that sounds unrespected for someone care about myself and others in their late 40’s, but it’s the truth.

My best buddy is in pretty superb shape for his age, because he was doing a truly superb workout program at his local gym that he had a membership for; When I spoke to our elderly pal last night, he gave myself and others the unfortunate news that he was going to have to lose his gym membership because they were raising the cost by almost 50 bucks per month.

And with our buddy being on a fixed income, 50 dollars was just not affordable for a gym membership! I made some suggestions to him that may be within his price range. Such as hiring either a personal fitness trainer or a semi-private personal fitness trainer. With a personal fitness trainer of any kind, they would be able to get him on a truly superb workout program at home, or possibly at another gym where the membership is more in his price range. My elderly best pal thought our ideas were superb 1s, as well as that it is something he was going to look into. He asked for myself in researching superb personal fitness trainers in his area that may offer superb rates, superb workout programs as well as maybe even a nutritional program to go with it. It looks care about i’ll have our task split out for myself and others soon! But, I would do anything to help our best pal, then especially at his age. I want him to stay around as long as he possibly can.

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