A mildew issue

A real game changer was adding a humidifier to my furnace system. For a long time I just thought that my body went to the dumps in the winter. I always got sick, had chapped lips and a bloody noses throughout the season. I mentioned to my buddy one day about how dry my skin is and blamed it on the weather. My friend said it is probably my air quality. After some research I realized that the snow and cold does dry out the air, but my air quality is what was killing me. First, I was getting sick because the furnace was dusty. The dusty air quality was bad for me to breathe in and hurting my immune system. After cleaning the furnace, I am quite healthy. Next, the dry skin, chapped lips and bloody nose is all due to dry indoor air quality. When the heater runs it naturally dries the air conditions. Adding a humidifier allows moisture to work its way into the indoor air quality. When my heater runs so does the humidifier. Having moisture with heating is just the way to go. I have no more dry skin skin issues and my heating equipment runs better. With it being more moist, it feels warmer so I can set the thermostat at a lower degree to save money. The energy bills are so low and my furnace doesn’t have to run as much. I am basically the spokesperson for getting a humidifier. It has changed my life and my heater’s life for the better.

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