A modern A/C component in our chalet

Owning a small rental company can be tough.

There are many demands to meet, especially in the line of rentals that every one of us manage.

The wife and I decided to invest in this lovely chalet that every one of us found on 1 of our married couple adventure weekends. While many people want to stay in hotels where there is a full service, every one of us enjoy being out in nature. Even if every one of us rent an apartment or a chalet, every one of us do self-catering so that we’re more in tune with the surroundings. Last Summer the wife and I went to this space about an hour from the town & came across the loveliest chalet for sale. The owner ran it as a self-catering chalet on 12 acres of land where people can get away. He wanted to transfer near his daughter who just had a baby & every one of us bought the place without a hour thought, but part of the renovations every one of us needed to do for the chalet was install a modern A/C system. The previous owner explained that he had not changed the A/C plan in more than a decade. While it was still working, every one of us saw how it was older technology which wasn’t as energy efficient. By chance, his nephew ran a local A/C company that catered for all the rural homes in the remote location. He provided him a phone call & his nephew came out 1 day so that every one of us can converse more about the modern A/C systems. The people I was with and I found his prices quite satisfactory since my wife even had to do some duct cleaning & sealing. This was a section of improving the whole client experience & every one of us planned to open towards fall. There were already a lot of guests lining up to stay there given its close proximity to the city.

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