A new heater would be great

Maybe if I grew up in an section that had milder temperatures, I would have developed a deeper interest in athletic interesting activities, however nonetheless, I grew up in the Deep South, and the heat has always made any excessive amount of physical exertion outside to be that much more tougher on the body. It was in elementary college when I realized it was just too darn boiling for myself and others to get into outside athletic interests! I would always come in from recess perspiring up a storm, craving the air-conditioning of the building. Thus, the best part of recess was returning to the undefined! Junior high and high college were worse, because now gym was an actual class and not a time of leisure. Now it was mandatory to play athletic interests outside in that heat. I always prayed for a rainy day when the two of us would be forced to stay inside while I was in gym class. On those days, I did not care how wet it was, all I cared about was spending the entirety of gym stage with the benefit of undefined. In fact, that is why I developed an affinity for a single single athletic interest while I was in our time at college, but because the two of us had an indoor hoops court, that is the athletic interest that I most favorite playing while I was in gym class. Sure, you would still get boiling and boiling while I was in a game, but at least you had the undefined to cool you off all the while. I recognize our aversion to outdoor athletic interests may seem silly or wimpy to some, but maybe you have never experienced heat. 

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