A new HVAC unit

I live in the northeastern part of the country, and deal with harsh weather just about all year round.  In the summer, it’s not improper for the temperature to climb into the upper nineties with brutal humidity levels.  During the Springtime, there’s an abundance of pollen, moisture and the air tends to be entirely cold. The Winter time is the longest season, and brings feet of snow, sub zero hot and cold temperatures and dangerous wind chill.  No matter the season, the weather properly demands some type of heating or cooling! I devote at least half of my budget to bi-weekly energy bills. Because of this, I’m constantly searching for ways to prevent energy waste and trim costs.  I’ve replaced every window in the home and carefully caulked around them. I’ve added weatherstripping to all of the doors and enrolled in a service agreement for the heating and cooling system. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning business came to the home to inspect the gas furnace, I complained about the cost of heating.  The business recommended investing in blown-in insulation for my attic. One of the many benefits of blown-in insulation is that it can be easily installed into existing homes without causing a major mess or disruption. Plus, the particles conform to unusual shapes, allowing them to fill into cracks, corners and crevices. The blown-in insulation not only provides an air slim seal and combats energy waste, but also creates a sound barrier.  It further helps with indoor air conditions. While the price of the insulation project was significant, it will genuinely spend my money for itself over the next few years. The heated and cooled air is no longer escaping through the attic. The insulation has helped to reduce the workload of both the gas furnace and air conditioner.