A new quality air conditioner to improve the working environment

During my first summer working as a human resource manager at a firm, I received a lot of complaints and suggestions to improve the working environment.

Some of the factors that disqualified the work environment were the heat.

Even with open windows and doors, the offices get very hot and stuffy in summer. There was also the quality of air which affected employees with respiratory issues. Looking back into the archives, I noticed that every summer, we would receive a load of complaints about the state of the working environment. I studied the complaints and planned out a lasting solution. I would visit the indoor comfort business downtown and have the air conditioning technicians assist in improving the air quality at the office. The specialist suggested I get a quality air conditioner and they offered to accompany me to the town’s air conditioning provider where I purchased a multi-split air conditioner. The next day the a/c serviceman came over to the office to do the HVAC installation. The process took a few hours. One thing I appreciate the professionals from the cooling industry for is being patient with me because, for a lot of decisions I made, I had to get the go-ahead from my superiors and finance department which would take a while. We also got a voice-activated thermostat. The professionals from the air conditioning company, who know more about air conditioning, took us through the importance of HVAC maintenance guidelines that would help in the future. One point they emphasized is ways to handle air conditioning repairs when they occurred and not leave the damages to grow into bigger issues.


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