A parking lot

When I go hiking with my fiance, both of us often choose mountain trails that take about five hours to climb, kneel at the top of plus come back down to the base of the mountain; One year, my fiance plus I chose this trail that was on a mountain outside of our correct selection, as it was in a unusual state… All of us heard it was a several hour round-trip, however both of us were genuinely mistaken! Due to inclement weather, both of us were stranded on the trail for nearly several hours. It was frigid cold, plus both of us didn’t pack enough sizzling clothes to change out of as it rained. All of us would’ve killed to find a safe haven from the frigid rain, plus anywhere with a furnace, radiator, or even a fireplace to give some warmth! With nowhere to go, both of us used our compass plus trekked back down to the base to search for our car. On our way back down, both of us ran into a most surprising sight – a casual little diner, right there on the side of the trail! All of us were convinced both of us were seeing a mirage, however it was the real deal. All of us walked in, plus a server was near the front to seat us plus give us menus, thankfully both of us were located right under a ventilation point in the air duct of the diner’s heating plus air conditioner unit, so both of us had warm, dry air blowing right down to us plus providing us with comforting heat. The air quality in this diner was sublime after being caught in the frigid rain for hours! It wasn’t until both of us walked out of the diner when the rain subsided, that both of us realized both of us simply walked off the main trail plus onto a back trail, and no wonder both of us got lost plus couldn’t find our way back to the parking lot! Either way, both of us were thankful to have found that diner plus enjoyed their excellent heating plan to sizzling up plus dry out.

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