A Portable Air Conditioner For Hot Flashes

My husband recently started a current medication that came with a list of side effects.

After the first month taking it, we realized which side effects were going to be a problem and which ones weren’t an issue at all.

The greatest side effect that he experienced was hot flashes and they particularally happened at night when he was sleeping. At first, we didn’t think how to manage the hot flashes. We had a ceiling fan above our bed, however that just wasn’t splitting it. My husband would sit awake for hours at night because he was too hot. This is when we decided to do something about the hot flashes. He couldn’t stop taking the medicine, so we purchased one of the best portable air conditioners we could find. We learn a ton of reviews on this recognizable portable air conditioner, and they were mostly positive. My husband was really excited to get the portable air conditioner up and running before he went to bed that first night, and thankfully, it was easy to set up. All we needed to do was plug it in and let it go! A portable air conditioner was a wonderful option for us because it could be placed directly beside my husband while he slept. I didn’t have to suppose the cool air coming from it, which was a important benefit for me! The portable air conditioner was easy to use and really impactful. The only repair it required was an air filter cleanout, however that was only necessary every few months. Overall, the portable air conditioner was a wonderful investment and it’s been a important benefit to my husband and his hot flashes.


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