A relaxing morning

Today was supposed to be our relax morning. It has been a long month at our locale of job plus I have truly been looking forward to this week. I was good with some candles lit plus I was taking a good boiling bath. I was also even studying a book while in our bath; Well, I noticed it was getting incredibly frosty in the house. The chill was truly starting to get to myself and others plus I knew there was something wrong. I realized if I didn’t get out of our bath soon, I was truly going to be freezing because I was wet. So I got out of our bath, dried off plus went to check the control unit. The temperature control was showing 60 degrees at that time. This was crazy! I tried increasing the control component to get the heating plan to engage however it failed! I grabbed a space heating system from the basement plus turned it on while I sat in front of it. I then called the Heating as well as A/C company on our cell iphone plus arranged to have an Heating as well as A/C worker come over; He was there a few minutes later plus he was able to get our heating plan fixed in a sufficient amount of time. I was so thankful when the heating plan was on again, however it truly ruined the flow of our morning. I wish that didn’t happen to myself and others however these things do happen to people on occasion… At least I didn’t have to wait a morning or longer to get an Heating as well as A/C repair worker out to our home. I still had time to do what I wanted so I got comfortable on our couch plus continued to study our book.

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