A road trip after graduation

After I graduated from college, my best friend and I decided that we wanted to go on a road trip together. I am sure we were annoying all our friends and family because it was all we could talk about for weeks leading up to the trip. We planned out a couple of cities we were going to hit and all the things we wanted to do along the way. We planned to be gone on our trip for about three weeks. Since we had just graduated from college, our budget on the trip wasn’t as big as we wanted it to be. We decided that we would spend money on doing activities and save on hotels. We really did a great job picking hotels that were too expensive and they were all nice enough. However, there was on night that we had to leave our hotel room early. Right when we walked into the room we knew the air conditioner wasn’t working, it felt like it was over eighty degrees in the room. I called the front desk right away and they said we shouldn’t have any problems with the air conditioner. They weren’t helpful at all and they didn’t offer to come and have someone check it out. We left the hotel right away and had to go to a nicer hotel across the street. It was nice to have the air conditioner working all night and we knew that in the end it was worth the money! I am happy we were able to have a good night sleeps in the nice air conditioning.

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