A serious A/C conflict

I used to have a big difficulty with a housemate over, of all things, air conditioning, and the debate absolutely came down to how much cool air you “lose” if you keep the windows open in a single room only but also keep the door to that room closed.

The particulars of the debate centered around the fact that, in my own room, I always loved to keep the windows open on warm afternoons, but my housemate, but, number one to keep her own living room windows, and those in the rest of the house, sealed tighter than Fort Knox! On the hottest, most uncomfortable afternoons of the year, she would pump up the air conditioning, however also quietly seethe at the fact that I refused to close the windows in my own living area.

Truth be told, something absolutely bothered me about closing my windows in summer, and with the windows shut, I couldn’t hear the birds, couldn’t smell the amazing, wafting scents of the nearby bakery, plus couldn’t hear the joyful cries of the city kids playing in the street. The rest of the house, with the windows shut (and the blinds drawn!) was pleasantly cool, but also somewhat depressing. My housemate and I fought most fiercely over the question of the section under my door. She insisted that she was losing a significant amount of cool air—and was receiving much higher bills—because air was “escaping” under my door plus out my open windows! All of us eventually resorted to consulting a trained Heating and A/C tech in order to resolve the issue! He concluded that while some air was truly being lost, it was likely an extremely mediocre amount plus nothing to stress out about. I was starting to feel rather gratified, plus though my housemate seemed miserable by his conclusion, she accepted it plus never raised the issue ever again.

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