A sizable library needs a great HVAC

When I noticed that our modern customer has a library in his property, you really would guess I mean he has a room in his property filled with books.

You would be wrong about that, this guy used to be a famous author, plus eventually he stopped writing books plus started collecting them instead.

He actually has a collection spanning five decades, plus has built a nice library on the second floor of his stately manor with wall to wall book stacks. There are multiple books and he has a professional librarian who tends it for him every single week! When it was news it was state of the art, but now the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment was close to being twenty years old plus needed to be replaced in a pretty serious way! I said that he needed all modern equipment, however he also needed a deep cleaning of all the HVAC duct. I additionally made the suggestion that he invest in a series of small dehumidifiers for each room of the library! With the little units to pull extra moisture out of the air it would put way less stress on the central Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, which would allow it to work better plus be stronger for much longer. If we actually did everything right, he wouldn’t need any further renovations for a good 20 years or so, so long as he had proper maintenance plus upkeep on his Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I won’t need to put in all that time every month to work on his system, but I do check in at least every quarter, instead of the normal twice-annual Heating and Air Conditioning equipment inspections, because of how much cash he spent.

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