A special gathering

My friends plus I were supposed to head out surfing last afternoon even though I had to cancel on them again. This was the fifth time in 5 week, that I had to cancel an night of Surfing. I guess my friends are getting pretty ticked off with me, even though I don’t have a lot of choice. Ever since I started this real job, they require me to work for the weekends. Even if I am not truly actually working, I am still required to be on-call for emergency work. Since I just started truly working for the AC upgrade corporation, I have to put in my due time. To them, that means being available on weekends, holidays, plus anytime they wanted me. My boss sent me on a commercial AC install job, plus I didn’t expect this job to take all day plus all night. The team ran into a problem with the commercial AC upgrade work. The people I was with and I had to wait several minutes for a new area to arrive, before the people I was with and I could finish our job. Most of the time, these commercial AC upgrades will take most of the day. Still, I expected to be finished by the time the sun was down. When the clock struck seven, I knew my friends were going to be angry. I texted them instantly plus told them to go on surfing separate from me. The commercial AC upgrade wasn’t finished until near to midnight, plus I wanted to go right beach house plus lay down in my bed. I didn’t want to go out and surf, plus I was looking forward to a long night of sleep. Having a real job sucks, until I’m getting a fat paycheck.

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