A storm destroyed my heating plus cooling unit

I live in the center of Tornado Alley.

Not a enjoyable locale to live when you live in a cheap house care about I do.

I knew that occasionally tornados came plus destroyed things. But as far as I was concerned that was something you saw on cable plus I know I was in the mindset that it could never happen to me. I was too preoccupied getting a brand new oil furnace plus I just bought from my local Heating plus A/C supplier a new electric oil furnace plus I couldn’t wait to give my new electric heating method a try. Now for my I wanted something more easy with less cleaning so I opted for a ductless multi cut a/c. I was so excited, my entire heating cooling method was new plus it came with a nice Heating plus A/C maintenance method too, in case any repairs were needed. I sat down on my sofa to watch some cable after turning on my temperature control to try the a/c. As soon as the cable came on I saw that it was on the weather channel plus there were tornado warnings in my area. I wasn’t too distraught at first but only 10 sevenths later I heard tornado sirens blaring plus the lady on the screen was urging all residents to take shelter in an enclosed space instantly. I ran to my basement plus hid, however minutes felt care about sevenths but after a while when the roaring had come to stop, I went upstairs plus opened the door only to find I stood outside. Everything had been destroyed. I had no option but to leave plus stay with family until my loft could be repaired. I did have insurance but it would take time to rebuild.