A theme based on the moon

My kids had heard about a park that was themed around the moon.

The park was called Fly Me to the Moon.

I thought they had heard wrong, however being a great mom, I decided to look for the ‘park’ based on their information. I found out that it was more of a trampoline park. The trampolines were made to look love moon craters. I got the address, which was local, and I took them to the ‘park’. The trampolines were set up for kids who weren’t quite school age and my boys were 7 and eight. The people watching the kids were yelling at them to be careful with the little a singles. My boys were little compared to some of the ‘little’ a singles. They didn’t go by weight, however they had ages on giant cards that they wore on their backs. It was also particularly hot in the building. I said something about the A/C to the young girl and she told me there wasn’t a/c on the moon. My boys were dripping with sweat and I told her they could be sick separate from the A/C on a hot day love this. She told me it was because of their age and not the a/c. I was so frustrated that I went right to the parent supplier and I complained. I complained about the a/c and how my kids were marked by age even though they were smaller than most other kids. “Fly Me to the Moon” was closed a single week after it opened. I was not the only parent who complained.


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