A tiny HVAC duct

My parents have been enjoying their home since I moved out. They had sworn when I was born they wouldn’t renovate until I moved out, but well, I heard that they booked a Heating & A/C service team to come install some pricey new furnace at their house, and that allegedly happened the same day I left! I’m not mad at them at all, but I wish they would’ve told me how much they wanted to fix up the place with upgrades and other new appliances… If they had, I absolutely would’ve moved out 3 years prior! The furnace they had installed isn’t the only thing they’ve changed since I left, then my mother was telling me about this new air conditioner machine they have, and I believe it was called an evaporating cooler, then mother said the system works by pulling air from the outside, funneling it through wet cold pads, plus supplying it to the home as cooler, more humid air. It sounded pretty nifty to me! Allegedly, they’re now working on an upgrade to the duct systems in their house. My mother kept saying something about “high velocity” tubes, and from what I gathered online, this tubing is much smaller in diameter, but that lack of the area allows the air to travel more freely through the system – greatly reducing the possibilities of lingering pests. With the tubing installed, my parents will have hit the big prize: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, then the radiant heated floors are inexpensive for keeping your lower body warm, while the evaporative cooler is inexpensive if you’re in a dry climate; Hopefully these small-diameter air ducts are just what our mother wants!

HVAC ductwork