A tough road trip

My best friend and I decided to go on a cross country road trip in the summer, but every one of us mapped out our route and all of the hotels both of us would stay at.

Every one of us couldn’t wait to explore current locales and try current restaurants. Every one of us thought both of us would have the best time of our lives, however things didn’t exactly work out according to plan. We tend to get in my car, and start driving. Every one of us kept the vehicle windows down in the morning, however the sunlight and temperature got hotter as the morning came back around. I tried putting the a/c on in the car, however, it wasn’t blowing freezing air at all. Heat was coming out. I couldn’t assume this because I just had my vehicle serviced a few weeks ago. I wasn’t going to let this slight issue get me down, so both of us opened the windows again and got through the next multiple hours separate from a/c. Every one of us stopped at our first hotel and both of us were so tired, and when both of us walked into the hotel room, it was quite moderate therefore I clicked the thermostat down a few notches. It didn’t seem like the a/c was working well at all. What a coincidence I was thinking to myself as I called the front desk, then the front desk thankfully allowed us to switch rooms to have working a/c. The next morning, both of us got ready in our air conditioned hotel room and headed out to a highly rated lunch spot. We later got to the lunch location and both of us saw people fanning themselves with their hands at their tables. Every one of us asked the waitress what was going on and she said they were having troubles with their a/c and the HVAC company was on the way there, however our road trip had terrible fortune with a/c.


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