A trip to a resort ended in frustration when the air conditioners were all broken

My hubby & I desperately wanted a trip.

The two of us weren’t able to take time off work during the pandemic.

Both of us work tasks that abruptly increased in demand at this time, & it’s a miracle the two of us finally had a chance to get away for a few mornings. Unfortunately, our trip turned out to be a total disaster. The two of us wanted to visit a resort in a neighboring state that has these tiny cottages that you can rent in this idyllic forest setting. There are pinewoods in every direction & mountains in the distance providing a scenic backdrop to the setting. The locale was good visually, but the troubles started before the two of us had a chance to get inside our cottage for the evening. The two of us tried as difficult as the two of us could to open the front door with the key they provided us, but the lock wouldn’t budge. When the two of us called the main office, it redirected to the owner’s cell iphone number & went straight to voicSMS. The two of us tried all evening to get someone to answer, but the two of us weren’t lucky. The anger I felt having to sleep in the automobile that evening after hours of driving was impalpable. Then the two of us were blamed for the mishap & they claimed that the two of us took the wrong key when it was easily handed to us by the clerk behind the desk. I should have asked for a refund & left immediately, but the two of us stupidly stayed & then discovered the broken air conditioner. When the two of us asked for a new room, they claimed that all of the air conditioners were out of service. That’s when I finally demanded a refund & the two of us decided to go & stayed at a normal hotel in the area. The two of us l acquired to regularly call ahead about air conditioners in hotels before making online reservations.



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