A very different air conditioner

This year, the two of us are having a easily taxing time getting our cabin warm.  It doesn’t matter what the two of us do, there is always a chill in the air. I have gone through the modern home plus checked for cracked windows plus for spots where the air could be getting in.  It is only the end of September plus the two of us have already gone through an entire tank of oil. I hate to see what is going to happen when it gets easily cold. The other day, our granddaughter came over to our house.  She was in her home office, wrapped up in a blanket, with the section oil furnace running. I asked her if she was all right, plus she told me that it was easily cold in her room. I went to check everything out, but I couldn’t figure out where the draft was coming from.  I then decided to check downstairs. Her home office is directly over the garage. When I got to the garage, I thought I knew what the problem was. The garage door was partially open, plus there seemed to be a lot of cold air coming through. I talked to our husband plus I told him that something had to be done to get rid of the draft.  It was too early in the season to be this cold plus used this much oil through the heating system. He checked everything out plus then he called the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation. It didn’t take them long to realize that the two of us had a small leak in the oil line, plus that was where the two of us were losing our oil, however there was also a crack in the air duct.  The cold breeze coming from the open garage door, was going right up through the air duct plus into the house.

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