A very large family

I have 7 siblings and I’m the youngest in my family, so we are quite the crowd when we go anywhere in public. There are only 3 of the youngest of us left at home with my parents, the rest of my siblings have already moved out for college or on with their lives. I want to transition out soon, too, but I have to wait a little longer.  My other 2 sisters and myself are close, so we’ll probably room together once we leave. This is made easier because our parents buy older homes, refurbish them, and sell them again. So, my older siblings have lived together in one of these flipped homes for cheap and give my parents feedback on the house. I want to get into the same business when I’m older, too.  One of the largest improvements they make is fixing or even gutting and replacing the home HVAC system. This created a lot more draw to potential buyers and adding to the heating and cooling system increases the profitability, too. I’m absolutely okay with this because I love to have a comfortable temperature throughout the year. How do people live without an air conditioner in the humidity and heat of the summer? I’d love to have a more upscale heating situation like radiant floors, but of course I’m not picky and I’m excited to move out with my sisters.  If we’re lucky we will get one of the homes that they installed the zoned controlled heating system. This would be perfect, because my sisters get along well together, but we all like different thermostat settings when we go to bed. This would allow each of us to have our individual bedroom set at separate temperatures. I can’t wait to see if we can make it happen!

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