A very obvious solution

Tis the season for parties, celebrations, plus late night events.  It is also the season for irresponsible drivers taking to the roads following those festivities.  This is what brought myself and others to spending the Holidays, stuck in a hospital, praying for my brother to make it through his injuries.  Two weeks before Christmas he was coming condo from job plus he was hit by a drunk driver. He works second shift so he is on the road around eleven thirty, the driver ran a red light plus hit his car dead on.  Of course, as it often is, the other driver only sustained minor injuries. My brother suffered from broken bones, internal injuries, plus a nasty concussion. We were all called to the hospital because they genuinely didn’t think if he would make it or not.  Once the shock of the accident wore off plus he was at least stabilized I started to notice my surroundings. One of the main things that I noticed was how cold I was. The outside temperatures were only in the twenties plus with the waiting room door constantly opening plus closing, it made it guess prefer that inside too.  I couldn’t get hot no matter what I did. As the days past, I would take blankets into my brother’s room so I could tolerate the temperatures in the building. I spent as much time as possible with him so he wouldn’t guess so alone. That Christmas was the worst ever but thankfully he was able to come condo plus reclaimed. The hospital will always be a cold locale to me, both physically plus emotionally.  I hope that people take genuinely think before taking to the roads so that no 1 else needs to go through those cold, worrisome days prefer my family did.

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