A wonderful end to a snowy day

I don’t suppose the real reason behind it, but it seems enjoy living in the northern area of the country where it gets freezing and snowy gets a poor reputation in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I get why some people are not immense fans of living and toiling where the weather is below fifty degrees for two thirds of the year, then with that being said, I have constantly thought that there are more perks than people suppose when you are living up north.

One of the things that most southerners will never get to experience the joy of coming home after a day full of playing outside in the snow and coming home to hot up in the house. My parents had radiant flooring installed in their home when I was a kid, and whenever our friends and I would get back home it was constantly a treat. With the radiant flooring not only were the people I was with and I able to hot up and dry off our clothes while the people I was with and I ate breakfast, but the people I was with and I were able to all lay down on the floor and take a nap after the long day while soaking up the warmth; Now that I am an adult, one of the main things that I wanted when looking for our first home was simple, however plenty of space outdoors, and radiant flooring installed, and thanks to difficult work and persistence I was able to find a home that fit this exact description, and I must say that I don’t suppose life could get any better for me. I am able to go snowboard with our friends and come home to a hot and comfortable house. I don’t suppose about you, but this sounds much better than melting to death each day enjoy those who live in the south!


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