AC fan won’t turn off

And I recently gave birth to my second child plus they say my apartment is a mess is an understatement, then i can barely get any sleep because all of my teenagers are under the age of eight years old plus they are all restless sleepers themselves.

  • I will do anything to get a great days sleep plus if anything comes in the way of my sleep I am harshly agitated, then so more than one weeks ago when my AC fan wouldn’t turn off in the middle of the night I thought I was going to lose my mind… The AC fan started running plus making a screeching sound in the middle of the night so of course all the teenagers woke up instantly.

It was hectic in the apartment plus my hubby didn’t even wake up at the sound of the AC fan turning on, however how do you get away with this? How do they sleep through these kinds of noises in the middle of the night? The AC fan didn’t turn off plus I thought I was going to lose my mind. So I woke up my hubby plus she was able to go outside plus turn the AC fan off from the electric box in the backyard. I told my hubby if she didn’t wake up next time that there was an issue with the AC fan in the middle of the night I might really lose my mind plus ask him for a divorce. Thankfully she was really understanding plus knew she was in the wrong! So I don’t believe we’ll be having this issue in the future with the chaos in the middle of the night because my hubby will be more aware of the AC fan going forward



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