AC in the computer lab

I am currently going to school to become a lawyer. Being a lawyer is something I have been shooting for going on a few years. It has been my biggest goal so much, that I do nothing but that. I have no time for really anything else. I can give you a good example. Last month a buddy asked me to go to coffee with him, I had to decline his invitation for the ninth time this month, and he hung up the phone as well as I could tell he was unquestionably angry with me. I don’t have time for people like this in my life because I have a goal plus I am going to reach it no matter what the cost, even losing so called friends. Most of the time I spend my evenings in the university computer lab, it is my favorite place to read these days, then they keep the air conditioning system blasting so it is actually simple for me to focus. The cold temperature of the computer lab also helps keep me awake during long reading sessions. Many of my classmates complain about the temperature control thermostat on the wall being set too low, even though I really feel and love the air conditioning blasting out of the Heating as well as A/C vents. I actually think it helps me get a lot of university school work done towards my degree! I hope the university doesn’t change the temperature control thermostat on the wall of the computer lab because my classmates are complaining really bad!