Adam found out his modern A/C was undercharged during installation

Adam had come a long way from living in a exhausting area in his hometown, and growing up, his mom used to work bizarre tasks to make sure he and his sibling had food on the table and clothes on their backs.

Adam had a vision of lifting her burden and making sure he lived a comfortable life from that time.

He managed to be a top performer in his school district and got a full scholarship to college. He graduated among the best in his class and got an investor for his company idea. Adam’s life and that of his family was never the same again. He managed to set up a successful supplier and recently purchased a modern home. The house is in an affluent neighbourhood and near where his mom stays. About a week ago, Adam had to oversee some final installations, including an A/C system. The location requires familiar air conditioning, especially during the Summer and Winter weeks. Adam was determined to get the work done and transfer before the cold season. When the A/C installation was complete, he made a transfer and began living in his modern home. However, the charming feeling was short-lived as the furnace would not hot his house. He kept cranking up the heat on the control unit, but nothing changed. Adam had to call in an Heating plus A/C mechanic to check what was happening to his modern A/C unit. The Heating plus A/C mechanic came at the agreed time to conduct his inspection. It turns out the team that set up the modern A/C undercharged the refrigerant. Adam required a top-up if the furnace was going to work.


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