Adding an additional a/c to the loft

My girlfriend and I looked for an apartment for several weeks, but everything in our budget was too far away from work.

Everything close to work was way too much money for the two of us.

We were becoming discouraged and then my mom sent me an advertisement for a loft space, the space was available for rent and it was right in the middle of our price range. The space was only a couple of miles away from our job, we looked at the Loft space and it was significant in size. Unfortunately, it needed a lot of work to make it look like an apartment. Since it was the only thing we had found close to work, we decided to take the place, however one thing we observed very quickly was the fact that the loft space needed an extra A/C unit. Even though the arena has central AC, the area near the windows is still hot and humid. My girlfriend and I chose that area of the loft for our family room, because it has the best sunlight in the day. It also has the warmest temperatures all day, every day. We contacted a corporation to discuss the A/C problems and the guy suggested buying a ductless A/C unit. After studying more information about the ductless option, we were convinced that it was the best unit for our new living space. The ductless A/C looks great and it works very well. It’s quiet, powerful, and helps us stay cool in the large space.


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