Air conditioned home improvements store is very comfortable

So we made our purchases and went back out.

My father and I had been working outside all day. We were building a treehouse for my nieces to play in. The truck we borrowed to get supplies did not have air conditioning. And, we had to make one more supply run before the treehouse was finished. By this time it was late afternoon but my father and I loaded up into the truck and ran to the home improvement store for the last few items. The first thing that greeted us when we walked through the door of the store was a blast of cool, air conditioned air. Both of us had almost forgotten what cool air felt like. We definitely took our time finding the items we needed because we did not want to leave the air conditioned store and go back out into the hot truck and then finish our work outside. However, after looking up and down every aisle, and buying things we didn’t really need, we were finally cool enough to brave the outdoors once again. So we made our purchases and went back out. After 2 more hours, the treehouse was complete and we were finally able to go inside the house, take cool showers and sit in front of the air conditioner vents for the remainder of the evening. While I was relaxing and comfortable once again, my father started wondering aloud if we should put a window air conditioning unit in the treehouse too so the girls will be comfortable when the play. If we can figure out how to run electricity to the treehouse, I am all for it, just not tonight. Tonight I am done and nothing can drag me away from the air conditioning.

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