Air conditioned house is helpful for puppy

Since getting a new puppy, I have found it hard to make time to ride the horse that I lease.

I don’t feel comfortable leaving the puppy home alone for hours on end in my air conditioned house.

However, it is too hot for him to be outside for hours at the barn too. The barn doesn’t have any air conditioning and the trails I ride certainly have no climate control. Thankfully, the lady I lease the horse from came up with a good solution: she can watch my pup while I ride. I never thought to ask her because that is not how leasing a horse works, and I didn’t want to impose on her. However, once she met my little puppy, she happily volunteered to let him come and hang out with her in her air conditioned home so I can ride. It is perfect. Now he stays nice and cool while I get all hot and sweaty. When I have untacked the horse, put it to pasture, and am ready to go my puppy doesn’t want to leave the cool comfort of the leasee’s home. I don’t blame him. By then, my car is hot and it takes a while for the air conditioner to get working. I would, eventually, like to be able to take my puppy on trail rides with me but he is not ready for that yet. However, I worry he is getting spoiled with the air conditioned house and will expect that every time I take him to the barn. Oh well, I guess getting spoiled with an air conditioner is better than him overheating when he’s still so young.


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