Air conditioner malfunction while staying at hotel

As a small business owner, I often travel to different areas of the country from time to time. I look forward to getting away for a while so I don’t have a problem with all of the travel. Last August, I took a business trip down south. I arranged my hotel room online and rented a car. I drove for 300 miles until I arrived at my destination. After completing a business conference, I headed to my hotel room to check in. When I got settled into the room, I took a shower and ordered room service for dinner. I watched a little television and crawled into bed for the night. fell asleep quickly but woke up only a few hours later. I quickly realized that the room was overheated and sticky. The A/C component was obviously not working. It had quit operating entirely. I fiddled with the controls and then called down to the front desk for assistance. I was surprised when a uniformed HVAC professional rather than a hotel maintenance man showed up. The guy arrived very quickly and was prepared for the job with a full set of tools. He explained that the hotel has enrolled in a maintenance plan which includes 24/7 emergency service. The HVAC tech got right to work. He took the cooling unit apart and then left to get some replacement parts. He was back in just a few minutes. He told me he had the necessary parts for the cooling system available on his service van. The cooling unit simply required a new fan belt. The tech also tightened a few wires and replaced the air filter and then it was fixed. The professional worked quickly and cleaned up the spare parts and mess. I was impressed with how professionally the job was handled. I was also thrilled that the air conditioner was working again. The room cooled right down and I was able to go back to sleep.


Heating technician